Friday, October 14, 2016



Once upon a time... there was a little girl... who didnt know what to say.. her mind was in a swirl..
in this day and age.. thats not a good thing.. the world is unforgiving.. and twirls you round in rings..
walking around one day.. at the crack of dawn.. she heard the birdies sing.. and generally carry on..
in the midst of cacophony.. of sounds and sights galore.. she seeked a peace.. a tranquil place.. that she hadnt found before..
she searched and searched.. and stumbled and fell.. dusted herself off.. and began again..
and finally as the sun rose.. glowing fiery and hot.. realization dawned within her.. she found what she sought..

Our peace lies within us.. its the hope embedded within each human soul.. we sometimes lose sight of it.. we lose sight of ourselves.. who we are.. what we stand for.. but our core doesnt change.. our inner strength.. our ability to survive everything that nature throws at us.. with the exception of death.. it remains a vibrating living entity powering our souls. Its always  a new day... always!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The only purpose of a human is to create harmony in the universe..
... harmony..
... with other beings...
... with nature..
... with the earth..
.. till the day we turn to dust and forever attain harmony with the ground we walk on..

That is our purpose.
If everyone alive can acknowledge and deliver on this.. life would be a breeze.

Sunday, July 03, 2016


Scented candles from @bathandbodyworks. There was a sale. I smell like the entire store right now. I LOVE candles. And flames. And their flickering light. And how you can pretend to be a super hero by moving your finger through the flame and say "see i didnt get burnt.. i'm invincible".

The flame's a metaphor for life. While its lit.. you live.. u shine.. the world watches and waits.. then you finally burn out.. flicker and fade.. and that's that. The empty wick gets chucked out. New one takes its place.

The trick is.. while you're burning.. spread the fragrance of love and hope far and wide... so everyone around you benefits. Also fragrance will help keep any negative odours at bay allowing you to actually have some friends..😈 couldnt help it. My warped sense of humor demands to be expressed. I actually know people who have no odour. Lucky buggers.. like the Almighty blesses some with wayyy more than the rest of the odourous masses. 😂

Have a joyous, aromatic day..

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Balmy breezes

Literally collapsed on a sofa outside in the @westindubai courtyard.. hence the angle of this shot. This is what i see when i look straight up into the heavens above. Lots of earthly obstruction! There's a balmy breeze. The Almighty is being very kind. The leaves are rustling. Peaceful. Quiet. Tranquil. Humidity factor's going to kill the blow dry... but atleast i have hair to complain about. The sky is a blue.. deep, dark, velvety blue.. wisps of bluish white clouds floating by... the trees are lit with fairy lights.. a small pedestal fan rotates left and right.. breeze picking up. Reminding me of karachi nights.. a lifetime ago... yesterday. The present is so difficult to live in.. the past and the imagined future keep intruding upon the now. But right this moment.. with the breeze, stars, bluesy sky and trees lit with fairy lights.. its a pretty present 😊

I was wearing peep toe heels. My 5/6 yr old looks at them and asks.. "how did you cut two of your toes off without panicking?". 😒 hmmm... life is like an icecream cone.. enjoy it before it melts!

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

My place

My place. Boxpark. There are some spots in the world that you just feel like you own. Your dad's shoulder. The space next to your best friend. The bench at the park under your favorite tree. This staircase.

As humans, we are born naturally materialistic. To rise above our natural instincts, we have to fight our DNA and reach for the abstract concepts of joy through giving rather than acquisition. Instant gratification is like a drug though. And hence, when we view the world, alot of the time its through the lens of everything that we can brand as our own.. even the people in our lives are like assets gained and lost. 😊

Its difficult to remember the truth... the transience of the physical realm.. the ever after of the spiritual one. It requires a de-linkage from our long held beliefs of "if i can see, taste and touch, then its real". Its like having to believe in a higher power.. having faith in the unseen.. which many of us do on a daily basis because thats what we were taught.. but we forget that it applies to our wider existence as well.
Love doesnt lay its foundations on owning.. it lays them on giving. That's why it's so hard. It literally goes against the grain of human nature and tries to uplift the spirit from the material to the celestial by asking for selflessness and a lack of expectations.

There arent many souls alive that know how to love like love would like to be manifested.

Rise above.

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Saturday, June 04, 2016


One of the weirdest things about life is.. when u suddenly have an epiphany and understand the universe... and STILL fail to understand your self!

😊 in all seriousness, i think we all understand ourselves. We understand our unique combinations of light and dark. We understand our limitations.. our talents and our failings. We are just unable to accept our WHOLE selves. We're unable to accept that ANY part of us can be imperfect.. can be flawed... because as we grow, society nurtures a very healthy distaste for anything less than perfect.

And that distaste is first and foremost directed inward. Because the first being you get to know wholly.. is yourself. So that's the first being that gets hung and massacred at your alter of judgement.

Its sad isn't it?! Our ability to love, is linked to our ability to love ourselves. For to love, you need to give.. to share your soul. And if you already think that soul is flawed, you'll never be able to share it... and you will never love... and hence, in a cruel twist of fate.. never know love in return.

There is still hope... it springs eternal. There are some souls out there that have managed to overcome their fear of their own imperfections.. have accepted them.. they have learnt to love without judgement.. themselves and others...

But they are few and far between... its our luck if we manage to come across one and share a piece of ours with them..  hoping they consider us worthy of sharing a bit of theirs back...

To love.. without expectation.. is the greatest gift you can bestow upon another living being. For in doing so, you have freed yourself from the selfish bonds of human desire.. and you have freed them from the fear of having to payback if they receive... this love will know no bounds.. it will reside in the celestial realm and it will only thrive and grow... endless, fueled by your unselfishness.. and in doing so, the soul.. that poor flawed, imperfect soul.. will be free to be its best self...

To be fair... summiting Everest is probably an easier task...
C'est la vie :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Ageless Love

Ageless Love... One of the 1st ever photographs I took with my first ever digital camera 😊 a sony cybershot P700 i think.. back in 2003.. Chicago Architectural Boat Tour.. i spotted this adorable couple enjoying their cruise together. The gentleman's head from the back reminded me of my grandfather.. nana's head looked exactly the same from the back 😊 i had to hold myself back from going over and saying hello... but they looked so happy and content... i didn't want to bother them..

Life is so short.. and love is so rare.. so much so that when u find the pieces of your soul that complete you, you have to absorb them into your soul and cherish them for as long as they let you.

Sometimes, you can't keep them. Sometimes, you may find a piece of yourself in someone but they don't find the same joy in you. Sometimes Life and Nature just want you to remember that the here and now are transient.

The physical realm fades with time.. The love of the soul is spiritual... and hence eternal.. and that's what love truly means.. an invocation of the heart and soul. The body has very little to do with it in the eternal scheme of things.

Here's to finding, to cherishing, to remembering, to nurturing and nourishing, to caring for and loving with abandon every last piece of our souls that we are blessed enough to find... without expectation or recompense.

Remembering though that those that are worth our efforts, will always give back in some form... 😊 * sparkles and stardust everywhere...

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Sunday, May 01, 2016


There is technically no one in the world except I.

Everyone else is a canvas for my actions. They either suffer as a result of my existence or benefit as a result of it.

The Almighty will judge me in isolation. There will be no one speaking on my behalf and no one to stand against me. All would be known and revealed.

Our objective is to ensure that we remain good and true and dont perpetrate any damage against the physical realm.

Doing it.. consistently..  without fail... is another matter altogether!

May the Almighty grant us strength to be strong and true. Till the bitter end.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Thats what the world sounds like in my head. All buzzed together.

Sound of an airplane flying overhead. Sent me back to childhood days.. the buzz of excitement associated with airplanes. Imagining where they were going.. what that place would be like.. how cool it would be to go there too.. imagining ourselves travelling there too..

Somehow those sweet memories carry the most weight... their aroma wafts through the corridors of the past whisking in and out of the light.. fluttering softly through my thoughts.. bringing a sweet sense of comfort.. making me want to curl into a little ball and doze off into a blissful nap and wake up in the past...

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Sometimes we just find ourselves at a point where we are sitting and staring into space and can't find a single reason to do

its weird. Do u clean? Cook? Brush teeth? There's a weird buzzing in the brain which wont let me sit still yet at the same time is rendering me completely directionless.

Cardamom tea? Hmmm... maybe.. just maybe tea is the answer.. do you think?

I could try that. A little later.  Chalo.. atleast one option shortlisted. 😊

I can talk to walls. About the universe. And the galaxies. The walls are good listeners. They don't judge and they don't interrupt. They unfortunately also can't contribute. Although why one would want one's burst of brilliance to be interrupted is a question to ponder at a later stage..

I could become a monk.. take a vow of silence and thereby end all need for intellectual discourse. But then people would think my primary purpose is to listen to THEM.  I don't think that's going to be bearable in the long run.

Ok. So i don't have a solution. Who really does. May i should go exercise?!...

Heheh..  Ok i'm going to go wash my mouth out with chocolate lol..

Princess of the GemWorld