Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Little people

Apparently i have little people inside my head.

And they are on a roll.

Constantly talking.. making me think.. and basically pulling me into an alternate universe that only exists inside my own imagination.

Its a nice place. Lots of fun. I'm quite popular. There are a lot of me's. Anyhoo thats what it is.

Friday, December 23, 2016


I'm awake. But i dont like it. I want to go back to numb sleep. I realize i've been numbly sleeping for a long time. It's nice.. and painless. Awake is a whole different ballgame.

All of a sudden i'm feeling. Sometimes the feeling supercedes the need to breathe. Then the brain screams.. and the lungs expand. My mind is not the issue. Its the physical realm. It's trying to suck me in.. trying to dig it's sharp claws into my weak weak flesh.. it couldn't do that while i was asleep. Now i'm awake and vulnerable.. open to suggestion.. to the temptation of experiencing something new.. like a new taste.. a new flavor. Its the peak of existence come to collect its dues. Today we stand at the fork.

The fork is presented mid life. Its when u choose.. you choose a realm. You choose between the celestial and the physical.. between the unseen vs. the seen.. between belief and physical reality. The choice is not clear or easy. Either faith wins or fact. Its never both.

And no matter what path you choose to tread.. the sacrifice is always soul shattering. The sacrifice demands blood of the heart or the soul.. but blood shall flow.. it shall be spilt. The tears are mandated. It's a rite of passage. And the Almighty silently watches.

He's watching to see whether our love for him, our faith in his heaven.. whether that can stand the test of time.. whether we safeguard our souls for his hereafter.. or do we finally reject all that we have learnt about heaven and hell and judgement and forgiveness and just focus on the here and now and instant gratification.

It seems black and white doesnt it. You've obviously never heard a hip hop song and swayed to its beat 😊 life is so beautiful.. a kaleidescope of mesmerising colors.. shapes.. textures.. sounds.. tastes.. all you have to do is reach out and touch it.. one touch.. one taste..
"Twas grace that brought me here thus far... and grace will bring me home.. "

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The innermost realm

#TheAlmightysDailyMasterpiece #nofilter 

I wake up everyday with a deep seated yearning in my soul. It runs deep.. into the darkest part of my being where no light has ever shone. I never went that far into my inner self before.. its like coming face to face with a stranger. I dont recognize the setting.. the place.. myself. Its as if i have never known my real self.. never known the depths or extent of emotion that i could experience.. as if my entire existence has been spent encased in a shell.. behind a wall.. numb.. safe.. from everyone and everything. Why would i change that?

Its not rational or logical.. both traits that i have always held in high regard. Thats when the awareness dawns.. this other part of me has no relation to logic, rationality.. or even reality. Its like a strange new realm in my soul.. a new dominion screaming to be explored.. but demanding a sacrifice.. as always. A sacrifice that requires an outright rejection of all that i held to be true thus far.. and its been a long thus far. A sacrifice requiring tears of blood.. for it would have the power to rip away everything.. no more status quo.. no certainty.. no going through the motions anymore.

It would herald a new era of experiencing the world.. destroyed from the ground up.. decimated in the process of birth of this new realm.. a realm which i would have to spend the time i have left in this life building brick by brick. The questions abound.. is it worth it..? An ephemeral moment  of unlimited joyous celebration of life.. tasting the very fibre of existence so fully that it explodes out of every atom that comprises your soul.. waking up to possibilities heretofore unexplored and unexperienced.. being whole.. free.. immune to judgement.. however, carrying the risk of being a nomad in the physical realm of reality.. of losing all that ever cared in any form and not gaining anyone that would last forever.. isnt forever supposed to be forever? Why isnt it?

I understand now, as i pull out of this secret part of my soul, why immortality was not granted by the Almighty. Its his mercy to release our souls from the pain of existential want imposed upon us by nature.. cest la vie.. #sunrise

Friday, November 25, 2016


Final Chapter.. and finally.. the big guy grabbed Mr. Sun by the scruff of its neck n pulled 'im right outta hiding.. throwin' 'im headfirst into the murky blue depths of the morning sky.. welcome to the new world!

They say life begins anew every morning.. so even if ur soul is shattered and ur heart lies broken in a million unmendable pieces.. know that by the time the sun rises tomorrow.. the pain will fade.. it'll be a glimmer of a memory.. and you WILL bury it.. deep inside.. until you forget it exists. You WILL move on. You WILL forget all the associations you had built around the mirage in ur head of that perfect life with that perfect someone.. life is not kind. Its not meant to be. Life is a trial. Its a test. And we.. the silly miscast players.. keep seeking perfection and balance and continuity.. immortality!

Nothing lasts. Not people.. not things.. not time.. Nothing! The inescapable truth is.. you are as irrelevant today to the world at large, as you were the day you were born.. as you will be the day you end. However, the human psyche cant deal with that reality. It HAS to feel important.. relevant. It HAS to feel like it matters.. to someone.. to anyone. And so it spends its entire existance.. searching.. for that elusive joy of being one with the so-called other half.. being complete and whole. What a myth! What a farce!

Expecting so much from another incomplete soul! What a sad sad recipe for disaster.. Search within. If it doesnt lie in you.. well.. you're screwed 😊 love yourself.. ignite the inner joy.. remove the negatives from your environs.. and learn to shine.. ALL by yourself. No one else gives a shit. Good morning 😊

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The morning always starts with such bright possibilities.. then slowly life crushes the heart and squeezes the joy out of the soul.. someone up there is a total sadist.. just sayin.. #TheAlmightysDailyMasterpiece #farsgemworld #dubai #mydubai #igersdubai ##sunrise #sun #morning #buenosdias #bonjour #sabahalkhair #salam #goodmorning #goodstart


The weather has officially changed 😊 chilly breezes and a hot cuppa tea. Can you see the steam? I tried but it i dont think i quite cracked it 😊 winters is always a strange season for me.. its a time of newness and change.. there is always some shift in the universal algorithm as it applies to my universe and it always happen in this time of death, decay and subsequent rebirth. Its a time of dreams.. of fantasies.. of the intermingling of dreams with reality.. of hope that we can have all that we desire and the world exists naught but for our benefit.. its a time of creation.. of feeling powerful and conversely powerless.. having the steel to reach out and take and being helpless in the face of the overwhelming desire to take it.. It. The elusive shimmer of explosive joy.. of feeling complete every morning.. of a wholeness that initiates from the soul and flows outwards until it fills every dark corner of your spiritual being with light... of that piece of you that was missing.. what would one label it? Selfishness? Survival instinct? The hand of destiny? ... what does one do on a crossroads where the choice to take the desired path is not solely in ones hands.. where the cost is vague and unclear... where certainty in any form doesnt exist.. but you are given a moment of joy so pure.. so complete.. that your soul's yearning for experiencing even a sliver of that wholeness supercedes any sense of logic one has ever possessed.. like bungee jumping.. or trekking to Everest.. or taking a leap of faith into the unknown.. status quo? Jumpshift the paradigm?.. Budha said the greatest mistake is thinking that we have time.. 😊 if i think like that, i'd be on a plane right now.. ahem.. flying to florida to see Hogwarts!! #dreams #winter #death #rebirth #desire #faith #joy #J #life #choices #sunrise #chilly #tea #dailyteascape #steam #love #soul #spiritual #farsgemworld #nofilter #sun #gold #teacup #crossroads #statusquo

Flight of dawn

Its the split of a second.. a gift from the Almighty.. a glimpse of dawn.. the rising sun.. never ceases to fill one with wonder. Each day a new masterpiece.. enjoy in peace.. #TheAlmightysDailyMasterpiece #farsgemworld #nofilter #flydubai #dubai #mydubai #airport #plane #dawn #sunrise #sky #clouds #blue #gold #dubaiairport #igersdubai #igersuae #J

Karak liquid joy

The oh-so-importanto morning cuppa.. @istecantshay cardamom karak.. sigh.. sometimes hot sweet liquid joy makes the universe disappear into oblivion.. for a infinitesimal moment in time.. that split second shard of time is all yours.. to cherish.. absorb.. delight in.. there is no judgement.. there is no one.. nothing.. peace...
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Perception vs Reality

Rose streaks ran across the pre-dawn skyline.. i went for a morning walk and gulped in breaths of fresh air.. well as fresh as it can get.. and cleared the mind.. thought of space.. orions's belt.. the universe.. how the Almighty was probably contemplating the future of his multiverse.. how one little swirl in his kaleidescope of color was enough to change the trajectory.of reality and everything we knew to be true.. how the truth is only what we believe it to be.. how our perception defines our reality... how our reality is slave to perception.. how we go around in circles and never really come out of the vicious cycle.. but at the end of the day... cést la vie...
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Random risings

A collection of sunrises..  and sunsets

Kite beach sunset

A change is in the air

Pre dawn